Simply put, ‘play money’ also known as ‘free money’ casino games allow players to play with virtual and fake currency, no different than playing favorite online casino with real money life poker with matchsticks and then giving it all back after the session, except online. ‘Real money’ casino games on the other hand are just that – you put real money forward and have the potential to grow it with no limit or lose the initial deposit while still having a good time.

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The League of Betting and Winline are not yet prioritizing eSports disciplines. Neither Dota 2 nor CS: GO are key to them. However, it is worth remembering: since they are on this list, then their client falls under the protection of Russian legislation. This is not a bad reason to consider them as an option for your Dota 2 or CS bet A prerequisite should be the currency in which rates are accepted. After all, losing money on converting is a dubious pleasure. Make sure that credits to your account take place without commission from both the bank and the bookmaker. In addition, the BC should take bets on Dota 2 tournaments that interest you, and in exactly the form in which it suits you, because there are different types of bets! We will tell about it below. And, of course, you need to choose a bookmaker by a coefficient: if the BC regularly lowers the kef on Dota 2, then the user regularly loses a part of the winnings! Losing money from scratch does not want anyone, so any bookmaker from the list above, the coefficient of which you like, deserves a choice.