Der Armenistis Leuchtturm

Erbaut 1891 an der Stelle Fanari, am Kap Armenistis, ca. 5km nordwestlich des Ortes Chora. Der Bau wurde nach dem Schiffsunglück des Dampfschiffs VOLTA und dem Ertrinken von 11 Besatzungsmitgliedern 1887 an der Nordküste von Mykonos beschlossen. Die Höhe des Turms ist 19m, während die Leuchthöhe 184m beträgt. Der Mechanismus des anfänglichen Leuchtturms stammt vom Hersteller SAUTER LEMONIER und war bis 1983 in Betrieb. Seitdem wird ein Teil im Garten des Schifffahrtsmuseum Ägäis, in Tria Pigadia in Chora aufbewahrt.


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The top beaches in Mykonos at a glance!

Agios Ioannis The beach which is named by the small picturesque church of Saint John that decks the coast, is thought to be the absolute spot of Mykonos from where you can scan Delos and feel its energy. The setting is ideal; golden sands, crystal clear sea and the sacred island of antiquity right in the horizon. It will be …

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Delos, the island of light

The sacred island of the ancient times is located 6 n.m. southwest of Mykonos. The golden city with the columns, the mosaics, the statues, the palaestrae, the ancient theatre and the bygone wealthy districts came to light again in 1873, after the excavations of the French Archaeological School of Athens. In 1990 Delos was declared a monument of global cultural …

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Cycladic Gastronomy: Taste Greece

With coordinates, the fertile soil, the unique wine mixtures and the exquisite herbs, the Cycladic dishes dominate in international cuisines globally. Some of the most interesting dishes, but also flavors you should taste this summer during your excursions are the following: 1. Zoula boiled (Naxos) 2. Matsata (Folegandros) 3. Patatato (Folegandros) 4. Mastelo (Sifnos) 5. Tomatokeftedes – Tomato Balls (Santorini) 6. Revithokeftedes (Serifos – Sifnos) 7. Revithada …

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