A “balcony” with view to the most beautiful sunset…



Visit Blu Blu early for a sumptuous breakfast and coffee, or any time of the day for fresh juices, delicious snacks, drinks and cocktails. At sunset, you’ll get the opportunity to capture one of the most stunning and romantic images that you will possibly ever see.

In case you are feeling home-sick you can stay in touch as Blu Blu has a fully equipped internet lab with 25 PC units and fast speed connection. Finally, you can watch all big sporting events, projected on a cinema-size screen, guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding sports fans.

A landmark of the area next to the Archaeological Museum, it is an all day multipurpose space with a view of the Old Port and Chora of Mykonos housing the most enjoyable “routine”; have a seat at the end of the veranda and gaze at the deep blue Aegean sea that lies ahead. Set against the magnificent sea scenery, you will enjoy coffees, juices, cocktails or light Mediterranean dishes, while at the fully refurbished, hi-tech internet café with the numerous PCs you will surf on the internet or watch major sporting events in the specially designed area with the wide screens.