The two storey captain’s house of Nikolaos Malouchos safeguards the island’s folklore tradition. Passing through its threshold you will have the opportunity to see how a Mykonian house used to be arranged in the past and to admire folklore artifacts such as handwoven tapestries, folk musical instruments, jewelry, keys, ceramics, furniture, commemorative plates, votive offerings, byzantine icons and sculptures. Additionally, there is also a library and small archive of historical documents.

Highlight: The basement “hides” the well of the notorious pirate Mermelechas and a model ship from 1821.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 17:30-20:30 | Admission ticket: €2

Address: Kastro, close to Paraportiani
Phone: +30 22890 22591


Looking at the windmills will definitely make you wonder how they looked inside and how they functioned. These questions will be answered at the Agricultural Museum (or Boni’s Mill -an annex of the Folklore Museum), that includes agricultural processing plants (well, wine press, furnace, miller’s house) and Boni’s mill. At the ground floor of this perfectly preserved windmill you will see where they weighed and collected the flour, on the first floor you will see the warehouse and on the last floor you will see the typical milling mechanism.

Highlight: The harvest celebration at the old wine press every other Sunday of September.

Opening Hours: Daily 17:00-19:00 | Admission ticket: €2

Address Ano Mili (Upper Mills)


Another annex of the Folklore Museum, it was named after the last homeowner, Lena Scrivanou. As you get inside you are immediately transferred to a typical middle class ground floor residence of the 19th century and you collect information on the life of the locals at the time. Here you will see mirrors, embroideries, paintings and functional or decorative objects in their natural position.

Highlight: a beautiful collection of folklore and European furniture from that period.

Opening Hours: Daily 18:30-21:30 | Admission ticket: €2

Address: Enoplon Dynameon Str., Three wells
Phone: +30 22890 28764


In the nine halls of the museum are exhibited the sculptures and the engravings from Delos, brought to light by archaeological excavations, vessels from the prehistoric and late Hellenistic period, objects from privately owned residences of the sacred island, jewelry, figurines, mosaics, funerary statues and stelae. Among the most important exhibits of the museum are the bronze mask of a bearded Dionysis, found at the south of the Agora of the Competaliasts, the wall painting from the neighborhood of Skardanas, depicting Hercules, two boxers and a male figure playing the flute or the bugle.

Highlight: The archaic Kore from the temple of Apollo, considered a leading example of plastic arts.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 08:00-15:00 (closed on Mondays) | Admission ticket: €5 full, €3 reduced

Address: Archaeological site of Delos
Phone: +30 22890 22259


You will find it at the Old Port and you will visit it in order to see with your own eyes the finds from the Pit of Purification of Delos (the necropolis at the island of Rhenia came to light after excavations in 1898), grave stelae, clay figurines, sculptures and a large collection of pottery and ceramics, that are hosted in its six halls.
Highlight: The funerary pithamphora with embossed representations of the fall of Troy.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 08:00-15:00 | Admission ticket: €2 for adults

Address: Old Port
Phone: +30 22890 22325


It has the privilege to be housed in a beautiful Cycladic mansion of the 19th century, next to Lena’s house. Its name manifestly reveals that its exhibits relate to the maritime life. Shipping documents, maps, navigational instruments, models of ships from the pre-Minoan period up to date, engravings with nautical themes, ancient coins and old anchors will “tell” you all about the maritime history of Mykonos.

Highlight: In the well kept garden of the museum lies the original mechanism from the Lighthouse of Armenistis.

Opening Hours: Daily 10:30-13:00 & 18:30-21:00 | Cost of admission: €4 for adults, €1.5 for students and senior citizens, free for children.

Address: Enoplon Dynameon Str., Three Wells
Phone: +30 22890 22700